July Meeting Recap 2015

Palm Beach County League of Cities
August 4, 2016

We thank the City of Lantana for hosting our meetings this month.

Board Meeting The Board selected Councilman Peter Noble o Greenacres to fill the vacancy on the Board of Directors.

The board approved the Palm Beach Habilitation's associate membership application.

The board heard a special presentation from Kris Garrison from PBC School District regarding their surtax oversight committees. Below are informational links regarding the District's oversight committee.

Link to District ISSOC Policy 1.095:

Link to ISSOC Membership:

Sample Project Status Report:

Treasurer's Sales Tax Reports:


Sample Proposed Project Modification (PPM) Forms:

Link to ISSOC Final Report:

General Membership Mayor Pam Triolo welcomed the membership to the City of Lake Worth.

Our featured speaker was Steve Bordelon and Kelly Ratchinsky from PBC Information Services System. They spoke on services the county provides and how the GIS system can assist with the surtax project. Click here for the presentation.

League Counsel Jennifer Ashton updated us on pertinent legal issues (for full report go to our News:Meeting Notes page).

Next month we will be at the Gaines Park Community Center in West Palm Beach on September 28th.