October Meeting Recap 2015

Palm Beach County League of Cities
October 29, 2015

We thank the City of Lake Worth for hosting us at the Lake Worth Beach & Casino Complex.

Board Meeting The Board approved the assocaite member application for the Florida Sugar Cane League.

The Board heard from Chuck Lupo regarding a possible Fire Rescus surtax.

The Board received a committee update from the Ocean to Lake Trail Committee and the Impact Fee Committee.

League Counsel Trela White updated us on pertinent legal issues (for full report go to our News:Meeting Notes page).

Executive Director Richard Radcliffe reminded the board of the Tri-Cities BBQ on December 4th in Belle Glade and the Legislative Delegation Roundtable on December 16th at FAU Stadium.

General Membership 

At the General Membership Meeting the membership heard from Attorney & Mayor Greg Resnick on "What Youn Need to Know About Telecommunications in 2015-2016". Click Here for the copy of the handout that was presented.

Next month we will be in Boynton Beach at Benvenuto Caterestaurant.