Florida League of Cities September 5,2013


As you may know, the Florida League of Cities is a member of the Florida Local Government Coalition, which was developed to advocate for local governments by educating residents and sharing resources among its association partners

Recently, the Coalition launched a public awareness campaign called "Local Works" to help Floridians understand, appreciate and support local governments and the services and values these governments bring to millions of lives each day. 

September 6, 2013, is being recognized as Local Works Day. On this day, let's celebrate the public servants and services that knit our communities together, but that many take for granted. 

To support Local Works Day, the Coalition created a brief viral video that communicates the value of local services. On September 6, please help us spread the word by sharing this video on your website(s), social media platforms and distribute it to your friends, families and colleagues! 

Let's make a big viral splash! 

FYI: The League is partnering with the Florida Association of Counties to host students on Friday, September 6, at our Tallahassee headquarters. As part of the festivities, some 65 students from across Leon County and Madison County Schools will engage in live demonstrations of public safety equipment and hear presentations from several local government associations and departments about a variety of local services and the latest technology used by local governments. Click here to learn more.