State and National Committees

We appreciate our members who give their time to serve on State and Nation League of Cities committees.  Feel free to click on a committee name to find out more information regarding that committee.


We present this compilation of our committee participants:


Florida League of Cities Committees

Utilities, Natural Resources & Public Works
*FKA Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources*

City Clerk Debra Buff, MMC, Belle Glade
Mayor Dr. Daniel Comerford, III, Jupiter Inlet Colony
Mayor Myra Koutzen, Palm Beach Shores
Vice Mayor Mark Mullinix, North Palm Beach
Councilmember Richard Roney, Hypoluxo
Mayor Michael O'Rourke, Lake Park
Assistant Village Manager Jim Barns, Wellington

*Click here for the complete roster of UNRPW members


Finance, Taxation & Personnel
Commissioner Chip Block, Jupiter Inlet Colony
Councilmember Paul Shalhoub, Lake Clarke Shores
Town Manager William Underwood II, Loxahatchee Groves
Councilman jonathan Pearce, Greenacres
Mayor Bev Smith, Palm Springs
*Click here for the complete roster of the FTP members

Land Use & Economic Development
*FKA Growth Management & Economic Affairs*

City Manager Leondrae Camel, South Bay
Town Administrator Dan Clark, Lake Clarke Shores
Councilman Terence Davis, Riviera Beach
Mayor Steven Grant, Boynton Beach
Commissioner Keith James, West Palm Beach
Village Manager Rich Reade, Palm Springs
City Manager Chandler Williamson, Pahokee
Mayor anne Gerwig, Wellington
Town Manager John D'Agostino, Lake Park
Councilman Daniel Sohn, Haverhill
*Click here for the complete roster of the LUED members

Transportation & Intergovernmental Relations
Councilmember Patti Waller, Palm Springs
Councilman Jeff Hmara, Royal Palm Beach
Councilwoman Lynne Hubbard, Riviera Beach
Vice Mayor Christina Romelus, Boynton Beach
Commissioner Paula Ryan, West Palm Beach
*Click here for the complete roster of the TIR members

Municipal Administration
*FKA Urban Administartion*

Deputy City Manager George Brown, Boca Raton
Deputy Fire Chef Darrel Donatto, Palm Beach
Councilmember Brad Doyle, Hypoluxo
Vice Mayor Kim Glas-Castro, Lake Park
Village Clerk Chevelle Nubin, Wellington
Town Manager James Titcomb, Ocean Ridge
Deputy Vice Mayor Shirley Johnson, Delray Beach
City Manager Brian Moree, Atlantis
Legislative Aide Pascale Reid, Riviera Beach
Deputy City Manager Beverly Scott, Belle Glade
Executive Director Richard Radcliffe, PBC League of Cities
*Click here for the complete roster of the MA members

National League of Cities Committees

Community & Economic Development
Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso, Lake Worth
Vice Mayor Mary Wilkerson, Belle Glade
Mayor Joel Flores, Greenacres
*Click here for the complete roster of the CED members

Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources

*Click here for the complete roster of the NLC EENR members

Finance, Administration & Intergovernmental Relations
City Manager Leondrae Camel, South Bay - Vice Chair
*Click here for the complete roster of the FAIR members

Human Development

*Click here for the complete roster of the HD members

Information Technology & Communications

*Click here for the complete roster of the ITC members

Public Safety & Crime Prevention
Vice Mayor John Wilson, South Bay
*Click here for the complete roster of the PSCP members

Transportation & Infrastructure Services
Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell, Lake Worth
*Click here for the complete roster of the TIS members


Disclaimer we are not responsible for the accuracy of this list. We update it periodically to make sure no changes were made, however for the most up to date list visit home website of the committee.